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[STATION F] Tech Trendz: Quantum Computing

Tech Trendz Session / 12 mars / Paris


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For all the curious about the future of computing !

Over 50 years of advances in mathematics, materials science, and computer science have transformed quantum computing from theory to reality. Today, real quantum computers can be accessed through the cloud, and many thousands of people have used them to learn, conduct research, and tackle new problems.

Several bills were introduced to Congress in 2018 proposing new funding for quantum research, totalling upwards of $1.3 billion. It’s not quite clear what the first killer apps of quantum computing will be, or when they will appear. But there’s a sense that whoever is first make these machines useful will gain big economic and national security advantages…

About the speakers 

Lucas Siow – Co-founder and CEO of ProteinQure. ProteinQure is a computational drug discovery platform combining molecular dynamics simulations, quantum computing and AI.

Dr Eleni Diamanti – CNRS researcher at Sorbonne University and Vice Director of the Paris Centre for Quantum Computing.

Dr Christophe Jurczak – Co-founder of Quantonation, the first VC fund dedicated to startups in the field of highly disruptive Quantum Technologies.

Dr Marcel van der Heijden – Partner at Speedinvest and heads the company’s Deeptech investment team focusing on early-stage enterprise software and frontier technology companies, including the emerging quantum technologies field

The moderator of this session will be Fanny Bouton, Journalist and Consultant in New Technologies specialized in Robotics, AI and Quantum.

The event will be followed by a Q&A to satisfy your curiosity.


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[STATION F] Tech Trendz: Quantum Computing
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