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[FARVEST] ICT Spring Europe 2019

Conférence / Du 21 au 22 mai / Luxembourg


Date Lieu Type Prix Site internet Facebook
Du 21 au 22 mai European Convention Center Luxembourg Conférence 400€ Voir le site Rejoindre l’event

Profitez d’une réduction avec le code : FRENCH96


As an influential voice in the worldwide Tech community, the aim of ICT Spring is to encourage emulation and networking between business decisions makers, innovation managers, start-uppers, researchers and venture capitalists on a European scale. It is a yearly event held in Luxembourg City which is dedicated to exhibiting and demonstrating the latest relevant trends and innovations and discuss their impact on society and the working world.

This year’s edition will be held on May 21st & 22nd in Luxembourg and will offer 4 main summits in : FinTech, Digital, Artificial Intelligence and Space.

Key figures

  • + 5000 key decision makers in IT, finance, banking, web and marketing, investors, entrepreneurs, start-ups expected
  • Attendees coming from 70+ countries
  • 1 great exhibition area
  • 1 VIP dinner with 600 guests the first day evening

Retrouvez plus d’informations sur le site de l’ICT Spring Europe



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[FARVEST] ICT Spring Europe 2019
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