Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague

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Blockchain Technology in Europe: Theory and Practice

On May 19, Prague will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague. The event will bring together blockchain developers and those who apply the technology in practice: financiers, bankers and businessmen.

The event will consist of a conference, divided into two streams, and an exhibition of IT developments in the field of Blockchain.

The participants will talk about the practical application of Blockchain technology and its legislative regulation in Europe. Developers of payment services and gadgets will deliver their reports.

Guests of the conference will learn how to protect your personal data and avoid becoming victims of cybercrime, as well as what you need to know about the legal requirements in respect of Blockchain.

What is interesting about this technology?

Blockchain is a chain of transactions in the Bitcoin system, which accelerates transactions and protects them from external interference. In addition, developers have realized that it can help transfer not only money, but also any data. It makes it easy to obtain certificates from state agencies and makes the taxation system transparent: every taxpayer knows where his/her money goes.

The technology has been already used in practice: in Europe, there are applications that allow you to make purchases and take gadgets to maintenance service. IT-enthusiasts use it in the field of Internet of Things. The first results will be presented in the framework of the demo area at the event.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague is an event for not only IT specialists, financiers and investors. The Organizer, Smile-Expo Company, is glad to see everyone who is interested in the development of new technologies, which in 5 years will become as popular as the Internet and smart phones are today.


Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague – 19 May 2016, Prague.

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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague
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